We develop websites that suits the requirements of every business individual. Every website has its own application i.e. it may be more of information oriented, or to display products or probably even sell them. Few websites need to be updated on a much frequent basis and few are updated very rarely. Based on such business requirements, we have our casket filled with almost all sorts of technically suitable websites for different commercial purposes.

Dynamic Website Development

Such websites are HTML websites with advanced features. Apart from having basic features like company profile, products / Services details, client details and contact details, the website also have features like Flash banners or intros, Picture galleries, Flash Videos. Such sites also involve higher level of designing elements. They may also have a Content Management System(CMS) feature to update certain sections of the website, say daily news updates, products page etc.

CMS Website Development

When a website needs to be updated on a frequent basis, a CMS website is used for this purpose, where a backend administrative control panel is provided for making various updation on different sections of the website. A CMS website can be built on an open source platform or can be built with completely customized functionality.